The large number of referrals and repeat customers we get really speaks to the satisfaction of our customers with our materials. But don't take our word for it - take theirs!


Thanks for the game info. It's the clearest set of how-to-play instructions I've seen. I painted our goals yesterday and we played our first games last night (with a flashlight). Tomorrow, we play again. Thank you, thank you.



Nashville, TN


I bought a primed set from Nashville Lawn Games. Probably the best deal around and they are great quality.



Murfreesboro, TN


Hey just wanted to let you know the boards look great! The paint job is better than I expected and thanks for getting them ready so quick, we enjoyed having them while we were camping.



Nashville, TN


Thanks, we had a ball with the game on Thanksgiving and gave your website to several family members interested in the game.



Nashville, TN


Just wanted to say thank you again. My friends were soooooooooo jealous over the corn hole boards. The construction quality is far better than any I've seen so far and the paint job... awesome!!



Cookeville, TN


I bought a board and bag set from you almost two years ago. They're great!



Nashville, TN


Just wanted to thank you for making me that cornhole set! Played all weekend in the heat. Played great. I want to thank you again and have already referred you to many people. I hope the rest of the people that purchase your products enjoy and appreciate them as much as I do. Thank you again.



Nashville, TN


Thanks so much for the cornhole set. They are awesome. We will definitely be sending some of our friends your way who have already commented on ours.



Mt. Juliet, TN



I'm very happy with my boards! Thank you!



Nashville, TN



The set looks great! Thanks for delivering.



Nashville, TN



The cornhole set was a big hit on my boyfriend's birthday! Thank you so much. It looks fantastic.



Nashville, TN



I bought my boards from you, and they are great.



Franklin, TN


We've played all weekend! We love our flag boards! Thank you!



Nashville, TN


Thank you so much for the cornhole game boards. We are well pleased and look so forward to playing and having wonderful fun with our friends. The quality of the boards are wonderful and the painting is great, you both did a great job.


David and Lynda

Columbia, TN





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